Bowler Organics

At Bowler Organics we eagerly recognize and embrace Nature's beauty manifested all around us: the symbiotic relationship between plant and animal. We are an urban homestead passionate about understanding the soil food web and how to translate this knowledge into wholesome, healthful, and delicious produce.

We believe all life has value and purpose, regardless of how small its perceived role in the natural world may be. From the single-celled organisms working endlessly to help your backyard veggies flourish, to the giant coastal Redwoods of California thriving for centuries without human intervention, nurturing the powerful world of organisms lurking in the soil beneath our feet is our number one pursuit.

At Bowler Organics we strongly believe properly maintaining the soil food web and allowing plants to regulate themselves in a healthy environment is at the core of how fresh, sustainable, wholesome produce should be grown.

Proof of Concept

Inspired by Teaming with Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels, Matt Bowler began planning a small-scale backyard garden in an attempt to test the effectiveness of No-Till gardening. Maintaining a simple yet nutrient-rich feed schedule, keeping pruning clean and effective, and ensuring a healthy worm population were keys to the initial success of the Bowler urban homestead.

Primary crops grown in 2017 included tomatoes (Sweetie Cherry, San Marzano, Roma, and Brandywine), peppers (Jalapeno and Aldi's non-GMO sweet), beans, and broccoli.

After witnessing unbelievable growth by and amazing fruit production from the tomatoes, which ranged in height from 9 to 12 feet, the potential to scale up and dramatically increase yields became clear.

2018 is already proving to be a year of major transformation at Bowler Organics as we look to expand our yield; adding over 10 new varities of heirloom tomatoes and peppers and increasing to eight San Marzano plants (compared to one in 2017). The reknowned Italian San Marzano will now become our staple crop, with the goal of becoming one of the best providers of local-grown San Marzano tomatoes in the Saint Louis area.


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